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Japanese forwarding services

There are quite a few companies in Japan that offer forwarding services. They are all in the expensive side of things, and worth the $ only if what you want to buy only exists in Japan or if you can save enough money by buying from a dealer who only ships within Japan.

I made a spreadsheet when I tried to choose one. I make no claim on the accuracy of this information of the suitability of these companies for any purpose. Actually, I haven't even used their services, since I decided to buy directly from instead. I don't know if it was cheaper, but it probably was safer to skip the middle man. Do your own research, this information is probably out of date!

NameURLNotesModeRegistrationMonthly FeeUsage FeeShipping methodsPayment MethodConsolidation?
Tenso only?! Free0490 up to 1kg, 980 up to 3kgEMSCredit card, Paypal
Danke Danke fee?!Personal mailboxFree15751260 up to 2000gEMS, DHL, SEAPaypal
Not available?!One by one (coming soon?)None01260 up to 2000gEMS, DHL, SEAPaypal
SeaServe NoneNone19% comission over product+shippingEMS, SAL, SEAPaypal
JShoppers do they earn money?? No shipping to Chile FreeNone0EMS (5% off)Credit card, Paypal
Japan to Door ForwardingFree 500 up to 0.5kg, 700 up to 1kg, 1000 up to 2kg, 2000 up to 5kg. USD5 commercial invoice. USD8 Repackaging. USD8 Consolidation.EMS, AIR, SAL, SAGAWAPaypal
ShoppingFree 10USD+15%
Mailbox1 recommended ( 20USD8.5USD
Japonic Express websiteForwarding 380 up to 500g, 460 up to 1kgEMS, SALPaypal
Shopping 500
PakMail English not very good.ForwardingNoneNone1050EMS, SEA, DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNTCredit card, Paypal
ShoppingNoneNone1050 + 5% price
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